Areas We Serve

Brookside Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center proudly offers the following services in the following areas:

Long Term Care Auburn, MA
Long Term Care Charlton, MA
Long Term Care Douglas, MA
Long Term Care Dudley, MA
Long Term Care North Grosvenor Dale, CT
Long Term Care Oxford, MA
Long Term Care Putnam, CT
Long Term Care Quinebaug, CT
Long Term Care Southbridge Town, MA
Long Term Care Sutton, MA
Long Term Care Thompson, CT
Long Term Care Webster, MA
Long Term Care Woodstock, CT

Pulmonary Rehabilitation Auburn, MA
Pulmonary Rehabilitation Charlton, MA
Pulmonary Rehabilitation Douglas, MA
Pulmonary Rehabilitation Dudley, MA
Pulmonary Rehabilitation North Grosvenor Dale, CT
Pulmonary Rehabilitation Oxford, MA
Pulmonary Rehabilitation Putnam, CT
Pulmonary Rehabilitation Quinebaug, CT
Pulmonary Rehabilitation Southbridge, MA
Pulmonary Rehabilitation Sutton, MA
Pulmonary Rehabilitation Thompson, CT
Pulmonary Rehabilitation Webster, MA
Pulmonary Rehabilitation Woodstock, CT

Short Term Care Auburn, MA
Short Term Care Charlton, MA
Short Term Care Douglas, MA
Short Term Care Dudley, MA
Short Term Care North Grosvenor Dale, CT
Short Term Care Oxford, MA
Short Term Care Putnam, CT
Short Term Care Quinebaug, CT
Short Term Care Southbridge Town, MA
Short Term Care Sutton, MA
Short Term Care Thompson, CT
Short Term Care Webster, MA
Short Term Care Woodstock, CT

and surrounding communities.