Welcome to Brookside Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center
A better place of caregiving
  • Located in the quaint and quiet community of Webster

Welcome to Brookside Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center

You've Come To The Right Place

Brookside is an 81-bed center located in the quaint and quiet community of Webster, just minutes from Highway 395. The longevity of our staff, genuine family approach, and strong sense of community are what set us apart in ensuring a smooth transition for individuals in need of post-acute care. Under the guidance of our skilled therapists and with access to our newly renovated rehab gym, patients rapidly regain their mobility and achieve their highest level of independence as they prepare for their return home.

Best in class clinical services

Our Clinical Services

  • Physical-Therapy

    Physical Therapy

  • Palliative-Care

    Palliative Care

  • Occupational-Therapy

    Speech Therapy

  • Wound-Care

    Wound Care

  • Hospice-Care

    Hospice Care

Closeup side view of mid 20's female physical therapist exercising with a senior woman. The patient had some shoulder issues and now they are lifting some light weights together.
Professional and experienced in helath care

Why Choose Brookside Rehabilitation & Healthcare

  • Hospice Care

    Long Term Care

    The long term care of your loved one is of the utmost importance to all of us. From the start, our admissions staff and caregivers work closely with the entire family to assess your loved one’s needs and preferences. Count on us to deliver highly skilled and personalized, around-the-clock nursing care.

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  • Palliative Care

    Short Term Care

    Our rehabilitation program includes diverse proficiencies in a variety of therapies. From wound care to special therapeutic diets to complex rehabilitation, we provide the dedicated expertise to help residents recover with dignity to regain their mobility, and achieve the independence needed to return home.

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We look at the law differently


Everyone at Brookside was just so nice to me. I loved the girls who cared for me daily. I can't say enough about the care I received. My wife was a patient at another rehabilitation center and she was walked a few steps at a time. I participated in therapy 3-4 hours daily. The team literally taught me to walk again. I can't thank the team at Brookside enough...

Brookside Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center got me back to me!

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    Henry Roukat

I was at a place in Charlton and one in Southbridge previously and you are by far a much better facility. I would return to Brookside but hopefully not soon! I’d give you 4 stars."

When asked why not 5 stars,
Michael replied:
”You are not the Marriot, but alright,
I’ll give you 5 stars!

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    Michael Rock